Welcome to the Superior Court of Yerushalayim County for the Achukma Nation

Yerushalayim County is the Capital and the Seat of Goverment of the Achukma Nation.

The County Contains The Tribal Council as well as The Tribal Superior Court of Yerushalayim County of the Achukma Nation. We are the Government ordained by Scriptures to Govern the People of Chihowa (Yahuwah).

Achukma Nakni Chihowa Tribe is re-establishing it's Tribal Nation, Traditions, Laws and Heritage.

Achukma Nation

Who is the Achukma Nation

We are the True people of the Land that is Called America and the True people of the book called the Scriptures. Our Linage Comes from the lines and Trbes of The Chrokee, The Black foot, The Chotaw The Chuhatak (Aborigine Israelite People). Whose origins are in the original peoples of North and South America (including Central America), and in the origins in the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.

Yerushalayim County

Yerushalayim County Superior Court

The Powers of the Superior Court of Yerushalayim Are Found in the Achukma Nakni Chihowa Tribes 2016 Constitution under ARTICLE II – POWERS Section 1 - Powers § § 1 and 2.


Section 1 - Powers 1. The powers of the Achukma Nation shall include all of the inherent sovereign rights and powers of an independent, indigenous sovereign nation. Section 2 - Authority 1. The authority of the Achukma Nation is established by the members of BethYah Ministries, BethYah Community, and The Beth Din of Achukma Nation the Yerushalayim County Superior Court and this Constitution, and shall extend over all, natural people and those who traverse through the land and territory, and all property now or hereafter included within the jurisdiction of the Achukma Nation, except and only as limited by this Constitution and all adopted agreements and treaties of domestic and foreign powers. The government shall not inhibit any of the people's liberty to enjoy freedom of worship, conscience, speech, press, assembly and association, and other liberties enumerated by the Constitution of the united states for America and the Bill of Rights.

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