The Tribal Council is the Government for the Achukma Nation.

Pursuant to the Achukma Nakni Chihowa Constitution of 2016

Spiritual, Tribal and County Laws of our Nation

International Constructive Notice of Existences of Tribe

Lawful Notice of our Nation

Our Governemnet consists of The Tribal Council Which is headed by Habena Chihowa the Head Minko (Chief) of the Tribe. Our Governemnet Also consists of Many Departments which are called Ministries, (Ministry of Foriegn Affairs as an Example) and a Superior Court which is called the Yerushalayim County Superior Court.

The Different Ministries are as follows

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Appointed Public Ministers and Ambassadors

Ministry of Tribal Affairs and Communications

Ministry of Security and Justice

Ministry of Travel

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Records

Ministry of Defense

Ministry of Culture and History

The Bases of our Tribe is Rooted in our Spiritual Beliefs and by Historical Fact we are the People of the Book Called the Torah/Tanak

The Offical Ministry of our Beliefs is founded in our Temple which goes by BethYah Ministries.